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Making Dreams Come True

 My personal journey ~ I planned my first funeral and event to follow for a loved one when I was 19 years old.  As time went on, I continued to do so for other family members. When my grandfather, a doctor and professional violinist passed, I had members of the Baltimore Symphony orchestra play at his funeral. A few months later my mother was battling Stage 4 breast cancer. When we realized treatment was not working, I surprised her and chartered "The Woodwind", a 74' sailing yacht, for the day and had it filled with family, friends and champagne. Soon after, I found that I had become a "go to" for friends who came to me because they simply didn't know to navigate through the difficult process of funeral plann​ing. I was honored, and happy to support them. It was then that I realized there was no one else providing such planning services, and Outside of the Box was born. 

Jodi Shade

Turning a Vision into Reality

July, 2017 - Caring, collected, and professional, Jodi Shade is the perfect funeral event planner and flew to California to assist us. She works tirelessly to ensure you don’t have to worry about a thing. I recently worked with her business, Outside of the Box, in executing a memorial service for a dear friend who passed away. Needless to say, these services can be difficult—but Jodi’s tireless support, expertise, and event planning skills made the day a beautiful and moving tribute, and also a great success.

From flower arrangements to catering and location planning, Jodi ensured every aspect of our memorial service was beautiful, unique, and exactly how we wanted it. There is nothing better than knowing someone has considered every detail before you have, and at every turn of our memorial service, Jodi was there. From high-level negotiations with City committees and vendors down to the ribbons on the flowers, she made sure everything ran smoothly and peacefully. She was a pleasure to work with, and thought of things that in my grief, I would have allowed to slip through the cracks—like a guest book.

No only did Jodi manage the high and low-level details of our day, she was an incredible comfort with her presence. She is warm, patient, and approachable, and puts everything for her clients first. I knew I was in the most caring and capable hands with her. She listened to my concerns, took care of problem shooting everything I couldn’t, and made it easy for me to simply be present and enjoy my friend’s service.

A Must-Hire for Your Event
I can’t recommend Jodi Shade highly enough. Funerals can be so difficult and painful, and she was the guiding hand that made my friend’s event seamless and full of love. She is timely and responsive, creative, thoughtful, and on top of this, she’s lovely to have at any function. She’s a must-hire your event.

~ Rose W.
  Oakland, CA

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

November, 2014 - I cannot sing the praises of Jodi and Outside of the Box enough! She was the most professional, sincere, caring, and supportive person and I simply can't imagine going through this with anyone else. When my grandmother died and I was left to take care of everything on my own, I didn't think I could keep it together. She was there for me when I completely broke down, and when I most needed it helped me to remember to breathe and smile every once and a while. Most importantly, from start to finish, she had it handled. I didn't have to worry about a thing.  She is a natural. When you first meet her, you'll see exactly what I mean-- you feel as if you've always known her and she's got your back. Thank you, Jodi!

~ Bridgette  A.
 Portland, OR

We Couldn't Have Been Happier 

April, 2013 - We contacted Outside of the Box funeral event planning when our mom passed away.  We didn't really want to deal with putting a celebration of life event together literally days after her passing.  It was wonderful to deal with them.  They were so professional and kind in the process and all we had to do was show up.  I couldn't of been more happy and would use them again. 


                     ~ Jason B.
                Annapolis, MD
     Do Yourself a   Favor and Hire Her

December, 2013 - As someone who has known Jodi for many years and benefited from her assistance more recently for funeral and reception planning, I can vouch for her professionalism, thoughtfulness and compassion during a time when your family will need it the most as it did ours. For our situation, Jodi immediately contacted a funeral home she had a good rapport with in the area so we could set up the initial meeting. She accompanied our family the next day and was very helpful in making sure all the steps of the process were being thought of and handled. Even small details like what to do with flowers that were sent since we didn't live in the area etc.- She suggested places and took care of it. She volunteered to host the reception at her venue and coordinated all the logistics with the caterer and guests. It was wonderful to have someone else to rely on when there is so much to suddenly do for this type of event at such a painful time. Everything went as smoothly and positively as can be which was made possible by Jodi's insight and direction - thank you again Jodi. This is a difficult time for any family, do yourself a favor and hire her. You won't feel regret; only the feeling of satisfaction that you did all the best for your loved one!       


                     ~ Ruthann S.
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